My First Time at the Gym!

So I went to my first Zumba class this week…and it was the first time I went to the gym!

But before I talk about how the class went, I need to back track and talk about my overall fitness. I haven’t exercised properly since grade 9 gym class which was literally 10 years ago! I mean I’ve gone for a few runs here and there over the years but nothing major. I know I need to change that which is why I ended up at the gym.

One of my best friend’s is a gym fanatic and since I have absolutely no idea what half the equipment at the gym is, I knew I had to bring her along. Just as we arrived at L.A Fitness, there was a Zumba class that was starting. After a little hesitation we decided to join in. The instructor’s name was Julia, she was really cool and taught everyone the moves before each new segment. My best friend and I had a great time even though we weren’t nearly as good as the rest of the women. We had fun laughing at each other when we messed up the steps but we kept on going for the whole hour!

The women in the class were really nice and a couple of them approached us as we were “fresh faces” to the class. They encouraged us to come more often and assured us that we would learn the moves in no time. I was just happy that I had gotten a cardio workout for 1 whole hour!



We didn’t stop there though, we spent another hour doing different exercises and my friend showed me around. We went on the treadmill for a little while and then we did lunges and squats with weights. This was probably the worst part since I barely lasted 5 minutes doing these exercises. We also worked out our legs on another machine which I can’t recall the name of. I learned a lot about the different equipment so I’m glad I went.

The worst part of it all was THE NEXT DAY! Talk about “going too hard too fast”. I could barely walk and going up and down the stairs was painful. On top of it all, I had an 8 hour shift at work which felt like 12 hours. The next time I go, I will definitely take it easier since my body has been resting for the past decade!



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Salad Isn’t Filling

In an effort to try to eat healthier, I have occasionally been eating salad for lunch at work. I mostly just get the Chicken Caesar Salad and it tastes great. The only problem that I find with eating a salad is that it doesn’t fill me up! I mean even if my stomach is slightly satisfied after the salad, not even an hour later, I find myself pretty hungry. I think my body is just use to consuming a lot of calories saladespecially since I eat meals from Wendy’s and McDonalds.

The funny thing is that I actually have never checked the amount of calories on anything! I don’t even know what the ‘normal’ intake of calories should be per meal and per day. I am not going to start watching the amount of calories I eat, but I think it would be kind of neat to compare calories of the different foods that I eat. I should probably start looking at the nutritional information on packaging as well to give me a better since of how healthy my food actually is. It’s too bad that I didn’t check out all of this information on the salad I had, but I will make sure I do the next time I eat it!

Besides having a salad a few times this week for lunch, I don’t think I made any other conscious efforts to eat better. I mean I had pizza and cake last night and it wasn’t even a celebratory cake. But I did say I would take small strides and try to improve little by little.

What are some of the healthy choices you made this week?

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I’m Back!

Hello everyone! 

So it’s been an entire year, but I’m back! Yes I am writing this for class again but am still looking forward to it. I have decided to stick with this blog because it gives me the freedom to post about anything I wish.

However, I am aiming to have more posts about healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. For those that know me best, they know most of my meals consist of fast food. But before the new year even began, I started to eat a little better. Instead of setting unrealistic goals and going all-in with healthy eating, I have decided to take it one step at a time. 


In the past, whenever I tried to go all-in with healthy eating, it never lasted long because I would give into my cravings. I think just knowing that I can eat unhealthy doesn’t put as much pressure on me.

So join me on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. Let me know some of the things you do to be healthier. 

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Don’t be Rude to the Waitress

So I was at Swiss Chalet a while ago, eating their quarter chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, yum! Just thinking about it is making me have a craving for some more but the focus of the post is about my experience rather than the food. There was a couple sitting directly behind me and they had ordered the quarter chicken dinner as well and the woman thought her chicken was co undercooked, so she began to speak very loudly to the waitress.

I didn’t think the woman complaining was loud at first until I realized people were from the far right side were looking in our direction. The waitress was polite and said that she would get the woman another quarter chicken dinner that was warmer but the customer just didn’t leave it at that. She was being rude and saying that they shouldn’t hire “stupid cooks” who can’t tell if the meat is cooked. Now I don’t know how ‘undercooked’ the meat was and there has been a time where I thought mine was a little underdone as well. But I handled it must more differently, and was polite to the waitress and she was nice enough to replace mine. I couldn’t understand why this woman had to create such a scene especially since the waitress told her she’d bring back a new one. The woman was also complaining how this was wasting her time and at one point she started accusing the waitress of trying to give her food poisoning. I mean the whole situation just got ridiculous to the point the manager had to be called. If it wasn’t bad enough at the end of this ordeal the woman demanded to be given 50% off of her meal because of the trouble they had endured. Ummm…I’m sorry but if anything they were creating trouble for the restaurant.

The whole atmosphere changed at the restaurant because of this woman, and I was not too pleased sitting in front of her as it was hard to get in a conversation. I just don’t understand why the issue had gotten so escalated since the restaurant had dealt with it right away as effectively as possible. This isn’t the first time I have been to a restaurant where I’ve seen servers or waitresses get yelled at. I definitely think people need to be more polite and considerate. Even when someone messes up, we need to realize everyone is human and no one is perfect. I think everyone needs to be mindful when talking to a waitress because most of the time, the issue is with the food, which is not in the control of the waitress. People need to be respectful and handle their complaints calmly instead of embarrassing the waitress and disrupting the atmosphere around them. Personally, I wouldn’t have given this woman 50% off of her meal because they did replace it but I think the manager just wanted to calm her down while maintaining the restaurant’s reputation so he allowed it.


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Source: Information Facts

When I heard that Oprah was coming to Hamilton on April 13th I knew that I had to go see her. I have been watching Oprah since I was in middle school and I just knew that I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to see her in person. Well it’s not like I will get to meet her one-on-one or anything but it will be great hearing her speak in person.

I think she’s such an inspiring person who has used her fortune for the better. It will be great to learn more about her life since that’s what she will be talking about at this event. Growing up, I saw her interview celebrities, criminals and everyday American citizens. She did shows on headlines that were making national news in the US and international news as well. She also had the best Christmas shows ever! The best giveaway as most people probably know, was the free car every audience member got!

Oprah Relieves Her Famous Car Give-Away Show!

The Next Chapter

Even though Oprah is not doing her famous talk show anymore, she has moved on and created her own network called OWN; the Oprah Winfrey Network. Some of the popular shows on this network include: Life Class, Master Class, Our America and Shocking Family Secrets. I personally enjoy Life Class since this show teaches you many important life lessons can be used at any age. I also enjoy ‘Our America’ since it deals with serious problems plaguing people in the US. There have been shows done about drugs, swingers, child predators, shooters and etc. This show really goes deep into the issues and involves real life people involved in certain lifestyle and certain issues. It also lets you see the struggles that people face, whether they are drug addict or a sexual predator. It takes you three steps closer to the issues and really lets you see life from the perspective of someone else.

I Can’t wait to see her!!!

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#HamOnt ‘Geek Breakfast’

The hashtag above is what brought people together on Saturday, March 2nd, 2012 at Williams Fresh Café. A Geek Breakfast is defined as “a community-driven breakfast for technology-minded people.” ( Hamilton had its first one on March 2nd and it was a success since there was a great turnout. The event was mixed with professionals vested into the latest technology and social media as well as students from McMaster University.

This event was interesting because at first everyone was a little shy and stuck to their little groups that they had been sitting with, but eventually people got up and moved around. This was great as you got to meet people you had heard of before but had never seen. Since I am not from the Hamilton area, I hadn’t heard of most of the people there but it was still great meeting them.  However, I know my fellow classmates recognized some influencers by their Twitter handle which is pretty cool since they now had an opportunity to meet them in person. I at least left with a few contacts made and also some top influencers from the City to follow.

The best part for me was seeing how social media can bring people together. It’s interesting how the #HamOnt hashtag really has a dedicated community that can come together to an event. I had always heard from fellow classmates and friends that Hamilton was really a community where people were involved in the City and could collaborate both online and in person. This hashtag has a community built online around it but it also has people that are willing to meet in person to discuss topics that interest them. I think it was great getting to hear people’s perspectives on social media. Being a student, you generally talk to other students about social media and their views are usually similar to mine, but hearing from a professional how social media really helps their business was a great learning experience for me.

I don’t usually wake up early for anything, but this Geek Breakfast was worth it! I would definitely go again. You know it was successful in what it was trying to accomplish since we made it onto the CBC Hamilton page.

McMaster University continuing education instructor Jared Lenover speaks with some of his students at Hamilton's first Geek Breakfast at Williams Fresh Cafe on the Hamilton waterfront Saturday morning.

Source: CBC Hamilton

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Call of Duty-Zombies…Try Something New

Okay, before I begin this post I want to make it clear I’m not really a gamer and nor do I have a lot of knowledge about video games. So before anyone expects this to be a well-written perspective of call of duty from a female perspective-then they are in for disappointment. I’m simply writing this post to talk about a particular video game I like.

Background Info

So like most kids born in the 90’s, I grew up playing Mario’s World and some Sonic the Hedgehog game. These were the kinds of games I liked and could spend hours playing. But of course I grew up and became uninterested in the newer games that were coming out. I enjoyed playing games on WII and the odd car racing game on my brother’s play station.

Try Something New

When Call of Duty first came out, I did not care to be honest. It wasn’t until Call of Duty Black Ops II came out that I became engaged in this. I don’t like playing in normal mode-if that’s what it’s called. I honestly suck at that mode since I get shot at and die every 2 minutes. However, I LOVE zombies mode because I actually do pretty decent in this mode. Also, I can distinguish my ‘enemies’ easier in zombies mode.

I never thought I’d enjoy a game like this but after much pushing from my brother to try it, I loved it. I like how we’re not in a military style setting and shooting each other but rather shooting and stabbing zombies. I’m a little embarrassed to admit, but I was actually even excited when the new Die Rise Map came out and couldn’t wait to play it. The new map definitely did not disappoint and I could play for hours if I didn’t have to worry about school.

                                             New Die Rise Map Trailer

I guess the point of this post is that you shouldn’t be afraid to try something new. If you asked me 5 months ago about my perspective on this game, you would get a different answer than you’re getting now. What originally started as ‘bonding time’ between my brother and I has now turned to something I actually like doing during my leisure time. I sometimes get sucked in and end up playing longer than I want, so I can’t wait until the summer where I can actually afford to spend several hours engaging in this fun game. I’m still a 90’s girl and will always love the classic Mario games, but I guess I’m more open to trying newer games now.

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Pandora Bracelet

These are fun, stylish and memorable bracelets that are unique to every individual. Truth be told, I wasn’t much of a fan of these bracelets until a friend got me one. I originally thought that it was just a ‘fad’ and a total waste of money. Even though some charms are overpriced, I do think there is a lot of sentimental value behind these bracelets. Each charm has a different meaning and each charm is either linked to a special memory or something meaningful to you. On my bracelet specifically, I have quite a few charms from my friends that are meaningful to me.

Personally, I don’t care to have the most expensive charm, but care more about the meaning behind the charm. For my birthday this year, one of the charms my friends got me was a charm that meant ‘silver lining.’ At first I couldn’t understand why they got me this but they went on to explain how I sometimes have a pessimist attitude. This charm was to remind me that even in the toughest situations there is always something to gain or something that makes you stronger. Whenever I am wearing my bracelet and having a rough day, I honestly look down and remind myself why my friends got me this charm. I find it funny that they did and that honestly makes me smile, even during the worst of times. That small smile helps make my day even a little better and for that, I will always hold onto such a significant charm.

I think one of the greatest things about this charm bracelet is that it’s meant for a female of any age. My little niece got one from her parents for her first birthday and they plan to add a charm to it every year. This will be great when she’s older because her parents will have a story behind every charm which will make her bracelet unique to her. Her mom has one as well and she’s got one that represents a baby which was something memorable in her life. I’ve seen senior women lined up for these bracelets and charms and I think it’s neat how it’s something women of all age can enjoy. I personally will cherish my bracelet as something worth lots of meaning instead of lots of money. I want to be able to look back at my bracelet when I’m 50 and still remember who gave me which charm and what it stands for.

What are some items you cherish?

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Too Much Gun Violence

Since becoming a newshound while studying PR, I feel like there’s always a story about gun violence. I mean I knew it existed before, but now it’s eerily always popping up on my twitter feed from different news sources.

Most of the stories that were popping up on my news feed were about gun control needed in the US. The US has been criticized immensely for their gun laws and for the popularity and influence of the NRA. But even in Canada, there is an issue of gun violence that needs to be discussed. From the random shooting in the Eaton Centre, to the little boy being shot while watching TV at home I think that there is a problem. Why do so many Canadians have access to guns as well and why isn’t there more of a discussion of gun control needed here. Now late last night there was news about a shooting that happened outside of Yorkdale Mall. Even though no innocent bystanders were injured, it doesn’t mean that they couldn’t have been. Hearing these kinds of stories really makes me paranoid because these are places that we all go.

Before people use to say shootings only happened in areas where there was gang prevalence but now you really cannot pinpoint where they happened. The boy sitting at home watching TV who got shot is really just tragic because he wasn’t even safe within in his own home. I remember when I first heard about the Colorado shooting it frightened me. I’m going to be honest and say that when I went to see a movie shortly after that I was paranoid and kept looking at all the other viewers. I remember there being a man who came to watch the movie alone and he never took his coat off, as the theatre was quite cozy. Call me paranoid, but I got up and moved far away from him as I was sitting in the row below him originally. I shouldn’t have to feel like that in a public place but it sucks that I do. Do we need heightened security in every public place? Should I be paranoid and extra cautious when I go to the mall now? Do we need to ban guns? Do we need more mental health advocates? I honestly want to know what it will take for the gun violence to stop. To have a world without violence is a utopian dream, but can’t we at least “fight” (not literally) to take away weapons that cause so much pain and destruction.

Oh and you cannot blame video games for gun violence either as many people easily do.

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Advanced Technology at a Young Age..

So I remember when I was growing up in the 90’s things weren’t as easy as they are today. Whenever we had to do research for a school project, we would have to go to the library and look through books to learn about our topics. It wasn’t until a little later that we had access to computers and could then use the internet to do research. Since we were all new to computers and the internet it still took a while to do research.

                                     source: Guerilla Candy

So I was talking to my brother a while ago and he mentioned how he wanted an iPad for Christmas next year. I told him there was no way he needed one in grade 7 and that I hadn’t even bought myself one. He told me he wanted to play angry birds on it because “it’s so much fun.” I asked him how he knew it was fun if he hadn’t played it; since I don’t own an iPad or iPhone I was curious as to how he had exposure to it. He then started to tell me how kids in grade 7 and 8 could check out ‘iPad’s’ at his school library. They aren’t allowed to take them home, but could ‘sign them out’ for a period or two. While he’s sitting here and telling me this, I’m literally saying “WHAT!?!” I mean they’ve got more than enough computers for the students to use in the library but why would they need iPads. Especially during your lunch period, I think kids should be outside playing sports or engaging in meaningful conversation, not just fiddling around with an iPad.

The classrooms at his school don’t have enough computers for every student to be on the computer at the same time. So if the teacher gives everyone time to do research for a project, then I could see why the iPad would be handy. I’m not critical of technology because I know it’s been amazing and most of us have enjoyed the benefits of it. It has made our lives easier and lets us get work done faster and lets us connect with people easier. However, I just don’t think middle schools need this kind of technology when they have computers. Wherever you turn now, you see people on their cell phones either texting or talking. Face-to-face interactions are deteriorating as is, and having exposure to this technology in middle school encourages it more. I just think at his age his peers should be socializing during their recess break, instead of their eyes being glued to an iPad.

Any opinions?


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