Stretch it Out!

One of the most important things to remember before and after a workout is to stretch! I found this great video that has some basic stretches for beginners or even advanced individuals. These stretches are good for the morning or evening after a workout. The mistake that I made the last time I worked out was not stretching properly. I did stretch but my muscles and body were still very sore the next few days.This video is very easy to follow and the stretches can be done by most people.

I think that stretching is important in general, even if you’re not working out. Stretching helps your muscles to relax and releases any tension. Stretching also reduces the chance of your muscles getting strained from a simple exercise or movement.

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Eating Healthy is Hard!

I have to admit that I have not been eating healthy lately…

The healthiest thing that I had today was a grilled sandwich on whole wheat bread. I also had Wendy’s and pizza today which were poor decisions. But I was craving Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich! It’s so easy to convince myself that I will eat better ‘tomorrow’ but when tomorrow comes around it doesn’t exactly happen! I need better will-power and I think it would be easier if everyone around me ate better. But I know it’s not up to other people to motivate me, it’s something I have to do for myself. But I do wish that my family would get on board with eating better. It’s interesting enough that my sister is in a health science program yet doesn’t exactly follow what she learns. But she does go to the gym and exercise more than I do which is good.

I guess the hardest part is having all this great food around you and not giving into the temptation of eating it. I mean I am not trying to avoid ‘good food’ altogether but I do think it should be considered more of a treat rather than a part of my everyday diet. Living a healthy lifestyle will be worth it in the long-run and that’s something I need to remember when I am tempted to fall back into old habits.




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Healthy Snack Ideas

So I think one of the biggest reasons why I have had trouble eating healthy is because I never have enough time to prepare food. I feel like eating healthy takes a lot of time and preparation so it becomes difficult to stick to it. So I started searching online for some ideas and I found this video.

The ideas that these girls have given seem so easy, yet appealing! I actually want to try the Cocoa Almond Bananas! Let me know if you have any fun and fast ideas to prepare healthy snacks.

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My First Time at the Gym!

So I went to my first Zumba class this week…and it was the first time I went to the gym!

But before I talk about how the class went, I need to back track and talk about my overall fitness. I haven’t exercised properly since grade 9 gym class which was literally 10 years ago! I mean I’ve gone for a few runs here and there over the years but nothing major. I know I need to change that which is why I ended up at the gym.

One of my best friend’s is a gym fanatic and since I have absolutely no idea what half the equipment at the gym is, I knew I had to bring her along. Just as we arrived at L.A Fitness, there was a Zumba class that was starting. After a little hesitation we decided to join in. The instructor’s name was Julia, she was really cool and taught everyone the moves before each new segment. My best friend and I had a great time even though we weren’t nearly as good as the rest of the women. We had fun laughing at each other when we messed up the steps but we kept on going for the whole hour!

The women in the class were really nice and a couple of them approached us as we were “fresh faces” to the class. They encouraged us to come more often and assured us that we would learn the moves in no time. I was just happy that I had gotten a cardio workout for 1 whole hour!



We didn’t stop there though, we spent another hour doing different exercises and my friend showed me around. We went on the treadmill for a little while and then we did lunges and squats with weights. This was probably the worst part since I barely lasted 5 minutes doing these exercises. We also worked out our legs on another machine which I can’t recall the name of. I learned a lot about the different equipment so I’m glad I went.

The worst part of it all was THE NEXT DAY! Talk about “going too hard too fast”. I could barely walk and going up and down the stairs was painful. On top of it all, I had an 8 hour shift at work which felt like 12 hours. The next time I go, I will definitely take it easier since my body has been resting for the past decade!



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Salad Isn’t Filling

In an effort to try to eat healthier, I have occasionally been eating salad for lunch at work. I mostly just get the Chicken Caesar Salad and it tastes great. The only problem that I find with eating a salad is that it doesn’t fill me up! I mean even if my stomach is slightly satisfied after the salad, not even an hour later, I find myself pretty hungry. I think my body is just use to consuming a lot of calories saladespecially since I eat meals from Wendy’s and McDonalds.

The funny thing is that I actually have never checked the amount of calories on anything! I don’t even know what the ‘normal’ intake of calories should be per meal and per day. I am not going to start watching the amount of calories I eat, but I think it would be kind of neat to compare calories of the different foods that I eat. I should probably start looking at the nutritional information on packaging as well to give me a better since of how healthy my food actually is. It’s too bad that I didn’t check out all of this information on the salad I had, but I will make sure I do the next time I eat it!

Besides having a salad a few times this week for lunch, I don’t think I made any other conscious efforts to eat better. I mean I had pizza and cake last night and it wasn’t even a celebratory cake. But I did say I would take small strides and try to improve little by little.

What are some of the healthy choices you made this week?

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I’m Back!

Hello everyone! 

So it’s been an entire year, but I’m back! Yes I am writing this for class again but am still looking forward to it. I have decided to stick with this blog because it gives me the freedom to post about anything I wish.

However, I am aiming to have more posts about healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. For those that know me best, they know most of my meals consist of fast food. But before the new year even began, I started to eat a little better. Instead of setting unrealistic goals and going all-in with healthy eating, I have decided to take it one step at a time. 


In the past, whenever I tried to go all-in with healthy eating, it never lasted long because I would give into my cravings. I think just knowing that I can eat unhealthy doesn’t put as much pressure on me.

So join me on this journey to a healthier lifestyle. Let me know some of the things you do to be healthier. 

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Don’t be Rude to the Waitress

So I was at Swiss Chalet a while ago, eating their quarter chicken dinner with mashed potatoes and gravy, yum! Just thinking about it is making me have a craving for some more but the focus of the post is about my experience rather than the food. There was a couple sitting directly behind me and they had ordered the quarter chicken dinner as well and the woman thought her chicken was co undercooked, so she began to speak very loudly to the waitress.

I didn’t think the woman complaining was loud at first until I realized people were from the far right side were looking in our direction. The waitress was polite and said that she would get the woman another quarter chicken dinner that was warmer but the customer just didn’t leave it at that. She was being rude and saying that they shouldn’t hire “stupid cooks” who can’t tell if the meat is cooked. Now I don’t know how ‘undercooked’ the meat was and there has been a time where I thought mine was a little underdone as well. But I handled it must more differently, and was polite to the waitress and she was nice enough to replace mine. I couldn’t understand why this woman had to create such a scene especially since the waitress told her she’d bring back a new one. The woman was also complaining how this was wasting her time and at one point she started accusing the waitress of trying to give her food poisoning. I mean the whole situation just got ridiculous to the point the manager had to be called. If it wasn’t bad enough at the end of this ordeal the woman demanded to be given 50% off of her meal because of the trouble they had endured. Ummm…I’m sorry but if anything they were creating trouble for the restaurant.

The whole atmosphere changed at the restaurant because of this woman, and I was not too pleased sitting in front of her as it was hard to get in a conversation. I just don’t understand why the issue had gotten so escalated since the restaurant had dealt with it right away as effectively as possible. This isn’t the first time I have been to a restaurant where I’ve seen servers or waitresses get yelled at. I definitely think people need to be more polite and considerate. Even when someone messes up, we need to realize everyone is human and no one is perfect. I think everyone needs to be mindful when talking to a waitress because most of the time, the issue is with the food, which is not in the control of the waitress. People need to be respectful and handle their complaints calmly instead of embarrassing the waitress and disrupting the atmosphere around them. Personally, I wouldn’t have given this woman 50% off of her meal because they did replace it but I think the manager just wanted to calm her down while maintaining the restaurant’s reputation so he allowed it.


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