As the weather is warming up, it’s great motivation to get outside and get some exercise.

Since I haven’t been running or jogging in quite a while, I decided to go for a walk/jog with one of my friend’s the other day. I’ll be honest and admit that we did walk more than we jogged but we still got some exercise. I find walking to be mentally relaxing as it allows you to enjoy the weather and have some great conversation.

I don’t think exercise always has to be strenuous or a workout, even though those are great. I’m looking forward to the weather getting even warmer so that I can play some soccer or badminton.

What are some of the outdoor activities you like to do in the summer?


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4 Responses to Walking..

  1. rbridge1983 says:

    The perfect season for getting out of the house and getting some exercise.

  2. The kids and I love to go for walks after supper. There is something about the warm spring weather that makes you want to be outside breathing in all the fresh air. I even enjoyed raking the grass yesterday!

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