Where to Eat?

I absolutely love restaurants! I like the relaxed environment but more importantly I love the food! One of the problems that I have is ordering something healthy. It’s more satisfying to order a plate of nachos as appetizers as opposed to a salad.  I justify it by thinking I can make a salad anytime or get one to go at ease.

I think I’m better with the main course though. I will try to order chicken breast as opposed to red meat. But sometimes when that’s not on the menu, I end up getting something unhealthy. I feel like healthy options are limited at restaurants; chicken breast or some sort of fish. I don’t want to just eat a plate of vegetables so I usually opt for something greasy.

For those of you who have this ‘healthy eating’ lifestyle on point, I’d love to hear what you order! I would also love some suggestions of healthy restaurants in general. The only places I can think of when I say ‘healthy’ are Subway, Mr.Sub and basically any sandwich or sub place. But these are fast-food restaurants and I’m looking for more of that sit-down relaxed environment with a healthy menu. So please leave me some suggestions of healthy restaurants and even healthy (filling) options at a restaurant.


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