Since this blog is about a healthy lifestyle, I think this includes how you feel mentally and emotionally.  Something that effects a lot of people is stress. Stress can be very detrimental to your health if it’s not managed well.

There are times when I personally feel stressed, even after a ‘stressful’ project or event passes. I find myself worrying and stressing about what the future holds, in terms of a job. Being a student, I’m at that stage where school is coming to an end and I feel that pressure of “what’s next”? I feel the pressure of getting that ‘dream job’ that was worth all the time and money spent in school. Even though my parents don’t pressure me about finding that  job right away, I feel that pressure from society.  It’s that aunt or uncle at family gatherings that asks all those questions about your academic life. Then they follow-up with questions about what ‘my plan is’ for the future. I’m also finding that my social media platforms are full of people my age posting about their careers. Or when I’m out somewhere and I run into someone I haven’t seen for so long, the question is always “so what are you doing now?” All these people are just curious and interested but it actually stresses me out.


I found myself being stressed out a lot about this lately. It would bother me to the point that I would become counterproductive in my search for jobs and figuring out what to. I soon realized this wasn’t good for my mental health as I was always so worked up. So I decided I needed to start doing things to calm down and feel more relaxed.

There are a few things that I like to do, to take my mind off all the worries in life and to relax. I love watching movies because for those 2 hours my mind forgets about everything else in life and is so fascinated by the movie. I also love to read about different people’s experiences in life so I have a few blogs that I read on my leisurely time. Another thing I love to do is have game night because it’s a lot of fun and usually entails great stories and lots of laughter!


Just remember that having a healthy lifestyle means taking care of yourself beyond eating nutritiously and exercising. What are some things you like to do to relax and kick back?

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  1. I look for literary gems in Project Gutenberg

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