Vegetables-Raw or Cooked?

I always wondered whether eating vegetables raw or cooked mattered. I always knew that boiling vegetables wasn’t the best option since many nutrients can be lost during this process and kind of always assumed that raw vegetables were better anyways. Well I happened to stumble across an article by the Globe and Mail that gave me a lot of insight into this topic.

5 Things I learned from the article:

1. Cooking certain vegetables releases more antioxidants.

2. Certain cooked vegetables provide more calcium, magnesium and iron than if uncooked.

3. To get more vitamin c, thiamin and folate —> steam, quick saute, grill and roast your veggies.

4. Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, bok choy, radishes, etc) are better for you when eaten raw.

5. Cruciferous vegetables become anti-cancerous when chewed or chopped.

I am happy that I came across this article because now I can actually be more mindful of cooking certain veggies while eating others raw. I think the best way to incorporate cooked veggies into your diet is by making homemade soup as the article suggests! My mom has been making homemade soup for as long as I can remember, so I’m glad that I’ve been getting some nutrients from that. It’s interesting though, because I always assumed salad was healthier because of the raw leafy greens. Little did I know, that certain cooked leafy greens actually offer more antioxidants than uncooked ones. My mom actually made homemade soup last week to eat before dinner and I complained that a salad would have been healthier. After reading this, I can definitely appreciate my mom’s soup a lot more! I now know that a salad isn’t necessarily healthier which makes this journey a bit easier.

It’s really interesting how reading a small article like this has taught me so much. Even when I reflect back on one of my earlier posts about a salad not being as “filling”, I realize how little I knew then. The reason I was complaining was because when I thought about ‘healthy eating’, my mind automatically jumped to a salad. This article really puts it into perspective for me that raw, and ‘salad-serving’ vegetables aren’t necessarily the greatest option. This article has definitely expanded my knowledge and opened up more avenues of what I consider healthy. I genuinely cannot wait to learn more about healthy eating as I go down this journey!

Cooked Vegetables   cruciferous vegetables


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