Add Some Dip!

So we had a small get together at my friend’s house the other night.  It was just a casual girls night in, with some snacks, a movie and some great stories! We didn’t actually end up getting through the whole movie since we all had some great storiws to share.

So before the get – together we were all planning which snacks each of us would bring to avoid 2 people bringing the same thing. So normally I would be the friend to bring cupcakes or brownies but not this time. I kind of surprised everyone when I said I was going to bring a veggie platter!

The veggie platter was a huge success considering there wasn’t much left in the end. Everyone appreciated the veggies since they helped balance out the junk food. The only complaint was that one of my friend’s would have preferred a spinach dip to the ranch one that the platter came with.

veggie platter

Since I’m new to the whole “healthy-eating” thing, I think small choices like this are a step in the right direction. I mean of course junk food is great when you’re just hanging out but add some cut up veggies to the mix and it’s just as great!  I hope I can continue making decisions like this!

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1 Response to Add Some Dip!

  1. Laura says:

    Nice! My friends and I love veggie platters too. Also, we never make it through the entire movie either… does anyone ever?? lol

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